About RSMSJ Committee

Chair Richard Cutt chair@rsmsj.com
Treasurer Richard Cutt treasurer@rsmsj.com
Policing issues and Crossrail Marie Louise Burrows policing@rsmsj.com
Planning Alexander Hauschildt planning@rsmsj.com
Licensing Derek Stratton licensing@rsmsj.com
Yasmine Parnes yasmineparnes@rsmsj.com
Marie Claire Lalor marieclairelalor@rsmsj.com



Support the RSMSJ in its unpaid work and have some social fun too! For £25 a year you can join the RSMSJ and attend our summer garden party, a multi-faith Christmas Carol Concert as well as smaller cultural events through the Friends of Mayfair Library.


Local businesses are also welcome to join the RSMSJ and participate in social and networking events and meetings.

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