Kings Coronation

The Residents’ Society of Mayfair and Saint James’s was delighted to join hands with people across Mayfair and across the country, and indeed with many around the world, to celebrate the coronation of our new king, King Charles the 3rd.

We are grateful to The Grosvenor Estate for organising an event in Grosvenor Square in Mayfair which enabled a number of community organisations to come together to celebrate the King’s coronation and for many, many visitors to London from elsewhere in the country and tourists from abroad to also come and join the party celebrations despite the wet, and some might say atrocious, weather. Everyone enjoyed the two days of celebrations in the square with the backdrop, of course, of a big screen showing the ceremonies taking place in Westminster Abbey and elsewhere.

We as The Residents’ Society of Mayfair and Saint James’s were pleased to be able to engage and chat with many people visiting Grosvenor Square Gardens for the event; both residents and visitors alike, many from overseas particularly took an interest in Mayfair and in the work of The RSMSJ. We signed up a number of new members! The RSMSJ stall was selling British hot tea, which was especially welcomed by people given the inclement weather, and especially so as we served it in special RSMSJ Coronation mugs, which we handed out by the hundreds! From the proceeds of sales of these we have made a contribution to our Mayfair village school, St George’s Primary School.

The auspiciousness of the occasion combined with the community enjoyment was not marred in the least by the wet weather and indeed perhaps the showers were a blessing, a baptism, from the heavens to mark the new reign!

The sadness of the loss of our much beloved and great Queen Elizabeth the 2nd and the ending of the Elizabethan Era, means a very changed new chapter for our country and the Commonwealth under the direction of our new king, King Charles the Third.

Long live The King!

Anne Gray


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