Reopening Westminster's Hospitality Sector | Business Recovery Brochure

Reopening Westminster's Hospitality Sector | Business Recovery Brochure

Posted on: 30/06/2020

Dear Partners,

Today we have published our strategy for supporting the reopening of the hospitality sector in Westminster. A copy of which is attached.

This sets out a comprehensive package of temporary road closures, widened footways and policy changes which will support these businesses as they begin to look forward to opening their doors once again.

In developing this strategy, we have spoken to many of you and I want to thank you all for your willingness to engage with us and put forward your suggestions as to how we can best support the hospitality sector.

We have considered all proposals put forward and while we cannot adopt every suggestion received, we believe that the measures outlined in our strategy strike the right balance between invigorating our hospitality sector while supporting the continued need for social distancing.

In summary, measures include;

  • changes to  public space, road and pavement layouts which will facilitate social distancing while allowing people to move more freely and support the reopening of bars and restaurants.  
  • adapting the Planning and Licensing systems on a temporary basis to support the city to reopen, i.e. providing permissions to move services outdoors.
  • a fast track process to assess applications for tables and chairs.
  • working with local businesses to ensure that they can re-open safely and implement social distancing measures effectively.
  • the formation of local 'delivery hubs' to help consolidate essential deliveries and waste collections, as well as marshalling and social distancing measures to keep visitors and residents safe. 

You can also access the full document online here, it contains a list of all areas affected as well as more information on the measures we will be taking.

As implementation begins to take place, consultation will continue with local residents, business, and stakeholders. Premises will also be monitored and marshalled, and updates and changes will be made if required as lockdown measures ease further and more people return to the streets of Westminster.

Both our resident and business communities want to see the strong resurgence of business within Westminster; however, it is vital that local amenity is protected while these temporary measures are in place.

That is why we are committed to monitoring interventions to ensure that we can react to impacts on safety, public nuisance, traffic flow and air quality impacts so if problems do occur, it is important that you let us know. The measures put forward are purposely designed to be fluid and low-cost, allowing us the flexibility to make changes where a scheme is not working.

This is only the beginning. It is by continuing to work together in the coming weeks and months that we will support the city, its residents and businesses to move carefully and purposefully out of lockdown in order to bring tangible benefits, vitality and future prosperity back into the heart of the capital in the safest possible manner. 

Yours Sincerely,
Cllr Rachael Robathan
Leader of the Council
Westminster City Council

Click below to download the WCC_Hospitality businesses recovery proposal brochure..

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