Movement Strategy trial results - March 2021

Movement Strategy trial results - March 2021

Posted on: 09/03/2021

In August 2020, The Royal Parks launched a series of traffic-related trials across five parks to reduce the impact of cut-through traffic, improve the park visitor experience and open new spaces for park visitors to enjoy.

In November and December, we undertook widespread public consultation seeking views on these schemes and received almost 18,000 responses. While the consultation results varied across the parks, overall they indicate support and a desire to see less cut-through traffic in the parks.

We thank everyone for their participation and for sharing their views.

The Royal Parks will keep the measures in place for the coming year while we monitor additional data. This will ensure that we have a clear picture of the impact of the schemes before determining whether they should be made permanent.

For more information and the consultation summary reports click here.

With our best wishes,
The Royal Parks

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