Villiers Street Works Update

Posted on: 25/04/2024

Villiers Street Update - Works Notification Email

25th April 2024

The works are nearly complete!

The main works will be completed by the end of next week. There will still be some minor outstanding work to follow, but this should be substantially completed within the next fortnight. 
Phase 7a - completed park access

Last fortnight

Villiers Street - outside outside no. 21/23 (Phase 4b)
The footway was fully reinstated here following the installation of the new lighting column.

Villiers Street - outside the park entrance (Phase 7a & c)
Paving is substantially complete and both gates to the park are open.

Villiers Street - outside Embankment Underground Station (Phase 10a)
This section was also substantially completed in the last fortnight.

Villiers Street/Embankment Place (Phase 9b)
Paving is ongoing here towards Embankment Underground Station, to join with the section by the Pink Pansy flower stall.
View of Villiers Street

Forward Look

Villiers Street / Embankment Place (Phase 9b)
The paving works will continue and the majority of work is expected to be completed here by the end of next week. The planting will be completed in due course.

John Adam Street (Phase 2)
There are some minor works required here towards the end of next week (from 2nd to 4th May) which may require a short duration closure while we complete some final carriageway and electrical works in this location.

Embankment Place (Phase 12)
If permissions are received, the small area of paving outside Embankment Underground Station emergency exit will be paved. There may be a requirement for a short duration closure towards the end of next week (from 2nd to 4th May) in this location whilst we complete some final testing of the new sliding bollards


Traffic Marshal
There is no longer a traffic marshal on-site.

Parking suspensions & taxi ranks
John Adam Street & Robert Street parking suspensions remain in place.

Spaces from the taxi rank on Embankment Place are suspended to give space to the installed welfare unit and to provide a turning space for vehicles exiting onto Northumberland Avenue.

If your property has a vault / basement that extends beneath the footway and possibly the carriageway, the works being undertaken may cause water ingress or dampness to appear when the ground is disturbed if the vault/basement has not been properly protected by tanking or other damp proofing.
Neither the council nor the contractor will be responsible for any such damage resulting from these works. It will be the responsibility of the property owner to ensure that the vault/basement is suitably protected against such damage. If you are the occupier, but not the owner of the property, you should make the owner aware of this notice.

Contact us

If the FAQs on don't answer your query, or you have any concerns while works are taking place on-site, please contact the Site Supervisor on-site or the Public Liaison Officer, Bob Burton. Bob may not always be on-site, but can be contacted on his mobile.

To contact Bob for specific queries or issues;
Please call: 07760 962103

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We do apologise in advance for any inconvenience that these works may cause. Should you require further information, please do not hesitate to email or visit the website ( for further information regarding the scheme, construction programme and phasing and FAQs.

Happy to help

Villiers Street Public Realm Improvements Communications Team



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