Court Closure Order – Flat 3, 52 Green Street

Court Closure Order – Flat 3, 52 Green Street

Posted on: 25/03/2021

The flat has been used for regular parties attended by large numbers in total contravention of the Lockdown rules and causing significant disturbance and stress to neighbours. This has now been stopped and the organiser handed, we believe, two £10,000 fines. Below is a note from PC Bhuiya who has been instrumental in resolving this.

Warm Greetings to all

Just an update regarding the above property.

Having been inundated with continuous problems for months during the Covid-19 and following a strict lengthy process being guided under tutelage of PS Hamilton I can confirm the following;

I attended City of Westminster Magistrates Court yesterday in an attempt to bringing an end to extremely serious breaches of Covid-19 laws which also caused harassment, alarm, distress and fear to many in Mayfair. Continuous disruption from the above occupier at the premises which was certainly bringing a lot of ASB issues to the entire area including mass disorder in Mayfair.

However after painstaking many hours of work and in partnership with others including PC Hodgson (partnership and Prevention) I gave evidence to the Judge under oath.

I am pleased to announce that after a hard battle the judge GRANTED not just a partial closure but a FULL CLOSURE of the premises

The closure order has been applied to the door of the premises.

DWO Mayfair and St JAMES

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